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Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Hey guys got some photos from a girls night out, here we all can see how slutty our bitches become when they are all together boozing around at the ladies night, this is a serious reason why many guys hate their cheating ex girlfriends, fuck them , happy to put their photos on my ex girlfriend site So when they see themselves they will start accepting that they are nothing but cheap sluts themselves even though they all tell us the same fucking story that they are no sluts and they are always player hating on the sluts, but fucking behind our backs they get drunk and suck some stripper dick shit

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Look at these cheap as bimbo’s texting their boyfriends that they are having fun with the girls but that they miss him and shit maybe even lying that it’s boring without you here and that crappy stuff

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Well fuck these whore’s I hope they gag on the stripper cock , but anyway none of these bitches on the drunk girlfriends site I could recognize as my ex girlfriend so I can relax and fucking enjoy these drunk dumb asses , you should check out if your girlfriend or wife is not on this site click any of the 2 drunk girlfriends photo to see more